Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How's Your Week Going?

Here's how my week's been so far. I'm starting on Saturday. It was my birthday.(Yay, I guess.) After my mom calls to tell me happy birthday, she says she's putting our dog down. The poor thing can't even stand on her own anymore. It was our dog--our last family dog. She was there with my dad when he died. She's the only one who knew what happened. Now she's gone.
Monday I found out my baby (almost 2) broke his collar bone. Let me repeat, what!? My baby broke his collar bone????!!!! I couldn't believe that one. Tumbled off the couch while playing with his big brother and now he's got a broken collar bone? The poor little guy isn't even 2 yet. Ugh! It just breaks my heart. :(
Oh, and to top it all off so far, on Tuesday I found out I have some sort of skin cancer. I hate the sun. I hate to sweat. I don't sit in the sun. I'm just fair-skinned enough to let the trips from my door to my car penetrate my skin enough to cause cancer. The doctor wasn't worried and told me not to worry. I'm not that worried yet either, but you hear the word "cancer" and your mind just starts racing. It's either Basal Cell or something keratosis. The lab results haven't come in yet, but she was sure it was one or the other. Great!
Just me blathering on. Please, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, be gentle!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

How do you get over it?

How do you ever get over losing a child? Is it ever going to be possible to live one day without thinking about him? He would have been about a week old today. I would have been a mom of three. I see families with three kids and it hurts.
His gravestone was laid out sometime this week. I went to the cemetery yesterday and there it was all shiny compared to the weather-beaten stones surrounding his.
I try to think of what people who have lost babies in worst scenarios than mine tell me--God doesn't take healthy babies. That helps for awhile, but I still miss him.
Rest in peace my Luke. I'm always thinking of you. I can't wait until I can hold you again.